Merete Sanderhoff

Researcher and Project Manager, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Merete is an Art Historian working at SMK as a researcher and project manager. She is leading a number of projects concerned with providing open access to digitized collections and using digital media to freely share knowledge and resources with the world.
Profile on SMK
LinkedIn: Merete Sanderhoff

Peter Krantz

Peter Krantz is a consultant and adviser in the area of open data and e-government. In 2009 he started a local movement to highlight the importance of open data in Sweden. He is a member of the Swedish digitalization council and is the chairman of the National forum for usability and accessibility. Peter believes in the value of usable open data. In his spare time he writes software and participates in hackathons.

Twitter: @peterkz_swe
LinkedIn: Peter Krantz

Kristin Lyng

Cand. Jur. Kristin Lyng (37), ICT Law Professional. Lyng is specialized in ICT-law and is responsible for the data policy at The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, which includes licensing of meteorological data and products, licensing of software and scientific work. Her background also includes an extensive experience working with ICT contracts and negotiating national and international procurements and multilateral co-operations. She holds several positions in national and international advisory boards and working groups which aim at improving the exchange of scientific and meteorological information.

Lyng has furthermore contributed on the national level to increase knowledge on open data and licensing issues through her numerous presentations on seminars and conferences. She has also contributed as member of the open data guidelines secretariat, appointed by The Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs. The secretariat has facilitated a process which has led to a set of guidelines for open data in Norway.

Kristina Alexanderson

Kristina Alexanderson is working at The Internet Infrastructure Foundation as head of the Internet in School and the school competition Webbstjärnan. Her work is to help and contribute to teachers and pupils work with Internet. Kristina is also the School-spokesman for the Swedish affiliate team of Creative Commons. Kristina is also one of the experts in the swedish Digitaliseringskommissionen. She is also the author of a publication about source criticism the Internet.

Ruben Verborgh

As a PhD researcher in semantic hypermedia, Ruben strongly believes in a Semantic Web where computers help us to locate information more easily. A crucial part of this vision involves machine-readable Open Data, which is why he co-founded the Free Your Metadata project. Ruben thinks technology should be unobtrusive and ultimately invisible, and therefore strives for more transparent and usable Web technology.

Sanna Marttila

Sanna is a design researcher by day, and an activist – well – all the time.

She works as a project leader and researcher in the Department of Media in Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her research centers on designing meaningful public access to the vast digital archives that exists in public memory institutions. As a designer Sanna’s interest includes open and collaborative design and creative re-use utilizing archival materials online.
Sanna is vice chair of the Open Knowledge Finland board and works actively with the Finnish GLAM sector. Sanna works also with Creative Commons Finland towards an open and collaborative cultural sector.

Ingibjörg Steinunn Sverrisdóttir

BA of Library Science, MA in Library and Information Science and MPA in Public Administration. National Librarian of Iceland since 2007.

Maarten Brinkerink

Maarten Brinkerink (1983) holds a Master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture, and works at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision R&D department as a project manager. He studied at the University of Utrecht and specializes in providing meaningful access to cultural content using new media. At Sound and Vision he manages innovative projects like:
– Open Images (an open media platform)
– Oorlogsmonumenten in Beeld (a location-based iPhone app that enriches war monuments with audiovisual heritage
– Waisda? (a multiple award winning crowdsourcing game for collecting metadata for audiovisual content).
Open Culture Data

Henrik Summanen

Henrik Summanen works as a development manager at the Swedish National Heritage Board. He has more than 10 years experience from digital projects in Swedish museums. Today his main interest is Linked open data and the transformation of traditional organisations into digital organisations.

Amanda Andersson

Web communicator at Riksutställningar with a background in development and information strategy. Focuses on digital channels and technical and content based accessibility.

Oscar Engberg

Media technician at Riksutställningar with a background in sound engineering and music production. Specialises in sound, video and digital interactivity in exhibitions.

Jacob Wang

I’m working with digital heritage, collection management, new media, web and mobile tech, linked open data, semantic web, mashups and digital exhibit design. I develop and manage projects, raise funds, network and collaborate with people and insitutions internally/externally. I build bridges between tech- and ”regular” people. I believe in the power of open and big data, and strive to integrate the digital collections and knowledge of Nationalmuseet in ”the semantic web” and do cool digital stuff in general.

Per Johansson

Per has a background in History of ideas and as a researcher/lector in Human ecology at the University of Lund. He left the academy in 2007 to be able to work more easily with the fast changing outside world. He is co-founder of the think-tank ”Infontology – fantasy and realisation” which since 2003 is monitoring and analyzing the impact of the digital world on society and culture. He also works with combined digital/analogue destination developement for EnjoySweden.

Siri Slettvåg

Siri Slettvåg is a senior adviser at Arts Council Norway, with background from the museums sector an a long track record in project management and knowledge management. She has been  responsible for Digitalt fortalt, (Digital narratives), the official Norwegian portal to digital stories from institutions and individuals, and has also been involved in the Europeana project Europeana Local. Now she is project manager of a project called Kultur- og naturreise (heritage here), focusing on mobile access to cultural heritage.

Anders Olsson

Anders Olsson is a senior adviser at Arts Council Norway and has a background from the heritage and museums sectors. He has extensive experience in IT‐project management, use of mobile devices and social media in dissemination of cultural heritage. He has been involved in the Europeana project Europeana Local. Currently he is project manager for Digitalt fortalt, (Digital narratives), the official Norwegian portal to digital stories from institutions and individuals.

Tina Svan Colding

Tina Svan Colding (, Ph.d.) is Head of Section (Private sector and business development) in the Danish Geodata Agency (GST).

Tina has been involved in making the business case leading to open geographical data in Denmark and been project leader on the project implementing the open geographical data in GST.

Tim Sherratt

Tim Sherratt is a digital historian, web tinkerer and cultural data hacker who’s been developing online resources relating to archives, museums and history since 1993. He’s written on weather, progress and the atomic age, and developed resources including Bright Sparcs, Mapping our Anzacs and QueryPic. He’s an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Digital Design and Media Arts Research Cluster at the University of Canberra and is about to join the National Library of Australia as Manager of the Trove discovery service. You can find him at and @wragge.