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What does digital availability mean? 

To make digital material available is above all about publishing on the Internet. One thing that is important to consider in relation to that is that it is not sufficient to only make digital files available on the Internet if you want them to be quickly found by those who are interested. An requirement for usability on the Internet is that relevant metadata are created so the digital files can be searchable, especially if they are to be accessed through aggregators or other services that search through digital contents held by different managers.

What is ”open data”?

Release of digital files on the Internet does not automatically mean that the material is free for use and reuse. For the most usefulness the information should preferably be published in the form of open data, which means it is licensed for free use, in machine-readable formats using open standards, and preferably as linked data.

What are Creative Commons licenses?

Creative Commons is a system of licenses that enable both individuals and cultural organizations to determine how they want to allow others to use the material made available on the Internet. More about CC licenses can be found at CC Sweden.