Digisam – a National coordination of digitisation, digital preservation and digital access to cultural heritage.

In order to coordinate the continued development work on digitisation issues, and to coordinate the activities connected to the National Digital strategy within the timeframe of 2012-2015, the government established a coordinating secretariat for digitisation, digital preservation and digital access to the cultural heritage – Digisam. Digisam started its work in the autumn of 2011 and was organised as a department at the Swedish National Archives. On the 1st of January 2017, Digisam’s secretariat changed its organisational belonging from the Swedish National Archives to the Swedish National Heritage Board and became a permanent function at the same time.

Digisam’s mission is focused on the state authorities and institutions, but the goal is that the results of the work will be beneficial and useful for anyone working with digitisation and the use of digital cultural heritage information. Therefore Digisam invite representatives from the private sector and civil society with an interest and involvement in digitisation issues to participate in the work.

On this website, we will reflect on the progress of the work. We hope to meet you here and in many other forums!

We who work at Digisam’s secretariat are:

Lars Lundqvist, Head of Unit, lars.lundqvist[at]raa.se
Moa Ranung, Coordinator, moa.ranung[at]raa.se
Henrik Summanen, Coordinator, henrik.summanen[at]raa.se
Antonio Molin, Coordinator, antonio.molin[at]raa.se